5/23/10 10:24PM

Two random thoughts occurred to me today, random thoughts that are too large for a tweet, but far too unsubstantial for a blog post. Under normal circumstances. But it's been over a year since my last post, so these thoughts can also serve to breathe a bit of life back into this site.

Random thought #1:

Someone needs to come up with better names for claw foot and hammer toe. I bought new running shoes today and overheard the sales person warning another customer about the impending doom that would befall her foot. Her face literally dropped when she was told continuing to wear heels would turn her foot into a claw. Side note, someone should come up with a better name for rhinoplasty as well -- I mean, these guys are already self-conscious, do you really need to compare their noses to a rhino's?

Random thought #2:

It must be weird sometimes to be a dog owner. I was in an elevator today and watched multiple people come in and out, greeting the dog that was there, making faces at the dog, talking to the dog, ... all without looking at or even acknowledging the existence of the owner. That's gotta get to you after awhile, that your dog might be more approachable and likable than you are.